Car Park Fans

EC Jet Fans

EC Jet Fans

Cleaner air for ventilation car parks
The Jetfan is the ideal solution for increased safety in underground car parks and underpasses. Choose the ultimate system for safer and more aesthetic underground constructions 
- The Jetfan can be used for partial smoke extraction or ventilation.
The flexible positioning of the Jetfan makes sure there are no areas where air does not circulate.
- The Jetfan makes expensive, large-scale duct systems unnecessary.
- Intake air fans will not be necessary if there is a free intake section for outside air.

Safe CO extraction solutions for car park applications
EC Jet Fans can be used in single or multi-level carpark applications where precise control of carbon monoxide is important. EC Jet fans can reduce installation costs and provide an energy saving solution based on simple demand controls.

Benefits of the EC Jet Fan
Well trusted across the European market
- Variable speed, Variable thrust
- Energy saving EC permanent magnet motor
– Speed controllable via 0-10V analogue input signal
– Low profile design
– Manufactured from galvanised steel
– German technology based on an airfoil impeller optimised for low noise and highest efficiency

EC Jet Fan
Centrifugal Smoke Extract Induction Jetfan suitable for smoke extraction in the case of fire up to max. 300 °C – 120 minutes, tested to DIN EN 12101-3 and CE certified.
Thrust up to 75 N

Smoke Flow Simulation for perfect planning
We will assist you in the detailed planning and dimensioning of car park ventilation equipment, by means of a smoke flow simulation using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).
With the help of CFD, the ideal smoke extraction and ventilation system – including the number and positioning of Jetfans required – can be determined for each construction project, based on the legal requirements (GarVO).
We recommend the use of an airflow-simulation for large car parks with difficult geometries. It offers maximum planning dependability and is an invaluable tool for assessing the entire system.

Ventilation - the Jetfan air outlet system
In normal day-to-day operation, the Jetfans are controlled by the CO system – in accordance with the concentration threshold setting. In this way, carbon monoxide-contaminated air is extracted from the car park. This takes place with either just a few Jetfans operating at a low speed, or with all system components operating at a higher output level, depending on the concentration in the air.

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