Centrifugal Fans



General Description
Production Range
This fan range employs housings with square-shaped outlet and sizes from the R20 normal number series, in accordance to AMCA Standard 99-0098 76 and to DIN 323.

The RDH range is made of high efficiency, double width, double inlet centrifugal fans with backward inclined blades. Volume flow rate from 600 m3/h to 150.000 m3/h Total pressure up to 3500 Pa. 16 sizes from 180 up to 1000 mm wheel diameter.

Construction versions
RDH fans are available in the following versions:
Version L: 180 - 560 
Version R: 180 - 710 
Version K: 200 - 1000
Version K1: 315 - 900
Version K2: 500 - 1000 

Twin fan versions 
Where a limited fan height is required, RDH fans are available also in double or twin fan versions, with two double inlet impellers on a common shaft, supported by three or four bearings. 

These versions are identified by the G2 prefix. Double fans are available in the following sizes:
Version G2K: 250 - 1000 
Version G2K2: 250 - 1000 



Retrovent - the efficient fan technology with scroll casing and airfoil blades.
Single inlet for belt drive
- Various series with light, medium and heavy duty bearings
- Bearing in the airstream on separate bearing support pedestal out of the airstream
Impeller with forwards curved blades made of galvanised sheet steel (Series ASH)
- Impeller with backward curved blades, welded and coated (series RSH)
- Impeller with backward hollow section true aerofoil blades. welded and coated (Series RER)
- Flow rate up to 150,000 m3/h
- Pressure up to 3,500 Pa

A system that saves space, time, and money - in an air handling unit or any other application! 
The compact base frame offers decisive benefits.
The frame lengths have been optimised and adjusted for the casing position and motor installation height to achieve the smallest possible overall height and length
- Precise and optimised coordination of all components, all the way through to installation, adjustment and testing 

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