Roof centrifigul Supply Air Fans

MUCR/S Series

MUCRS Series

General Description
Backward curved centrifugal impeller with high quality external rotor motor for high pressure exhaust applications

Common Applications
- Roof mounted downflow supply air

Available Sizes
310, 355, 400, 450, 500, 560, 630

Capable of handling up to 3000 l/sec and static pressure of 700pa
- Performance tests are in accordance with BS848 Part 1 (1980) and DIN 24163
Noise level tests are under BS848 Part 2 (1985) and DIN 45635 Part 38
Fan Diameter from 310 to 630
Sealed for life ball bearing motor
Motors in single or three phase, 2 speed and/or speed controllable
Bird mesh guard
Painting or colour matching optional extra 

Data Sheet