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Clean Technology Filtration Systems

- State of the art self monitoring filtration system designed for high flow requirements
- Suitable for commercial kitchen applications.
- Fume & mist elimination efficiency >95%

Clean Technology Filtration Systems provides the highest level of efficiency available today. Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) units uses an electrostatic charge targeted specifically at grease and smoke particles to remove these contaminants from the air stream, causing them to form a film inside the ESP Unit.

With no moving parts, the unit requires very little active maintenance. Each module features a clear illuminated display that indicates when a service is required. The filter cells can be removed and replaced, and the internal surfaces of the ESP can be thoroughly cleaned and degreased.

The units can easily be fitted to an existing exhaust system and due to its extremely quite operation and space allowing can be fitted internally, however should space be a premium its light enough to be fitted on most roof tops or at the rear of the building.

The Clean Technology Filtration Systems is suitable for a number of applications ranging from a small kitchen to a full scale commercial kitchens and restaurants and with its high elimination efficiency may increase site opportunities.

Filtration unit (Video)